Experimental Nature of Design



Modern life is best described by mobility, but it is tranquility that remains the most needed spatial experience.

Our design philosophy strives to pursue a balance between a poetic nature and an experimental design. While complying with the wishes of our users and the environment, we challenge conventional ideas about space to create an architecture that reflects a dialogue between man and nature.

合風倉飛設計工作室 主理人簽名
合風倉飛設計工作室 主理人 張育睿建築師 近照

張育睿 Ray Chang


Ray Chang holds a master’s degree in Architecture from Tunghai University. He is the director of Soar Design Studio Co., Ltd. and an architect at Ray Architects specializing in architecture, interior and landscape design. Chang draws on nature and the elements to create simple beauty while emphasizing conceptual evolution, sense of space and diversified designs to generate spatial value for clients and users.